Management Office of World Heritage List, under the Department of Archeology, National Museum and Library, Ministry of culture organization for the archaeological researches and protection of the cultural heritage of nation. Maintenance of Pyu Ancients Cities and existing Monuments is the prime concern of the WHL.

Besides it regulate all archaeological activities in the country as The Antiquities Act 1957 (Amended 1962) which established the Department of Archeology and gave national monument protection status to the three Pyu Ancient Cities and The Law on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Regions 1998 (Amended 2009) was promulgated. According to this Law, as of 1999 CE all nationally declared Cultural Heritage Regions are each to be registered and demarcated into three protection zones: Ancient Monumental Zone (MZ), Ancient Site Zone (AZ), and Protected and Preserved Zone (PZ).


Conservation Work at Mathigya in Sri Ksetra Heritage Zone

The main function of Conservation department :

  1. Maintained the excavated and exposed structure with Engineering technique and the tasks are repaired the site museums, carry out the apporach way and bridge to the site, conservated the brick sturctures, setup the direction boards, information panel and zone pillars.
  2. Removed and Cleaned with the chemical the plants, bushes, fungus, mooses which are effected an archaeological sites and structures.

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